Fans of The Challenge Australia look away because the data has been crunched and it looks like the season finale flopped so badly on Tuesday that it copped “zero” views in a certain capital city.

Was it the cold sore outbreak? Or Megan Marx and Konrad Bien-Stephen in the hot tub? We’ll simply never know. reported it understood only 10,000 viewers watched the Challenge Australia finale. Truly the floppiest flop to ever flop.

The Ls don’t stop there. also said it believed “zero” folks in Brisbane tuned into the last two episodes. Who knew the people of Brisvegas hated bonkers reality TV shows so badly?

Now, the reason it’s “zero” and not just zero on the rocks is ‘cos telly rating figures are rounded to the nearest thousand. So even though the data shows that zero people in Brissy watched the final episode, IRL between zilcho and 499 folks would’ve tuned in.

Regardless, it is still classified as a flop. It wouldn’t surprise me if Vance Joy wrote a sombre, folky melody to memorialise The Challenge Australia and its horrifically down bad final episode.

While undeniably devastating for Network 10, the fact that no one gave enough of a fuck about the season finale is hardly surprising. The network confirmed in early December that The Challenge Australia would be yeeting from Channel 10 to 10 Shake, which is essentially the elephant graveyard of failed shows with shithouse viewership.

The network seemed to be so fanging so hard to make the show stop that it dropped The Challenge Australia from its 7.30pm slot, and also started airing back-to-back episodes at 8.30pm and 9.30pm. It’s basically like when the lad from Hinge you’ve just boinked asks if he can call you an Uber not five minutes after the root.

For the five remaining fans of the show across Australia, I imagine bumper episodes would’ve been a treat and a bloody half. But alas, their power and impact only achieved so much.

On the off-chance that you got to the end of this yarn and were left wondering who won The Challenge Australia and earned themselves a tidy $100,000 each, it was former Ninja Warrior Troy Cullen and ex-Bachie contestant Kiki Morris.

If it’s any consolation for The Challenge Australia, back in July only 44 people in Sydney tuned in to watch Channel 10’s new brekkie show 10 News First: Breakfast. They quite simply can’t always be home runs.

Image: Network 10 / The Challenge Australia