Ooft: 10 Has Booted The Challenge To A Diff Channel & Sped Up The Show Bc Of Poor Ratings

the challenge australia

The Challenge Australia has been axed from its prime-time spot and sent to reality TV’s version of purgatory because almost no one is actually watching it. Fkn rip.

Network 10 confirmed on Thursday that the rest of the season will now be aired on 10 Shake (??) starting next week, instead of Channel 10.

Even worse, it’s been dropped from its 7.30pm slot, and now the network will air double episodes to speed up the season’s run and get rid of it quicker. Ouch! It’ll now air at 8.30pm and 9.30pm starting on Monday.

If you’ve never heard of 10 Shake, I don’t blame ya. According to the Daily Mail, it’s essentially where the network sends its least viewed shows, so naturally, no one fkn knows about it.

The Challenge Australia only brought in 257,000 metro viewers when it premiered in November 14, despite being hosted at the prime-time slot of 7.30pm and being full of chaotic fuckery. Lots of shouting matches and cheating, it seems. And accusations of fake-followers. Normally that works for MAFS but I guess that’s just not what people want on The Challenge?

Anyway, those already sad numbers took a nose dive to 136,000 viewers during it’s second episode, and those numbers have dropped ever since. On Monday, the double episodes only rated 96,000 and 72,000 views. Which, in case you aren’t across ratings, is fkn terrible.

The chaotic reality show was expected to be a hit because of the boat loads of drama its contestants brought with them. Many had dated or had public beef, so we were expecting tea — but producers actually had to step in and tell everyone to calm the fuck down after BTS antics became too much.

It seems the messy drama that has come out of this show hasn’t been enough to save it though.

I guess people are just tired of seeing the same D-list names again, hey? I know I am.