Ooft: The Behind-The-Scenes Antics On The Challenge Were So Fucked, Producers Had To Step In

Contributor: PEDESTRIAN.TV

When I first heard about The Challenge, I thought it was basically the celebrity version of Ninja Warrior or Survivor.

I had no idea there’d be canoodling in hot tubs, savage shouting matches and a fuck ton of tea emanating from the set.

And one could argue that the producers didn’t expect it either but then again, I’m sure they knew exactly what they were doing when they selected the contestants. Many of whom dated in the past and/or have public beef, by the way.

But apparently producers were genuinely shocked by the amount of drama that was going down so they staged an “executive intervention” to tell contestants to calm the fuck down.

“It was the first time anything like that had to be done,” an insider told The Herald Sun.

Meanwhile another insider told Daily Mail Australia that producers were pissed that the contestants went in with a “plan of attack” and formed rivalries beforehand.

“It started on the plane over,” the source said.

“Cyrell Paule was already beefing with Grant Crapp about a promise he’d made to her before filming.

Jessica Brody and Ciarran Stott were eying each other off, too.”

It was first revealed that there was some spicy shit going down on set when an insider told Daily Mail Australia that Konrad Bień-Stephen hooked up with fellow ex-Bachie star Megan Marx on the first night of filming. Thus revealing that his relationship with Abbie Chatfield was donezo.

“Oh my gosh! The drama is insane,” the source revealed shortly after filming on The Challenge kicked off.

“It was extremely awkward, because he was all over her the second we started filming. It was like he was trying to make Brooke [Blurton] jealous because she was there too.”

They added, “There’s a lot of drama. People who are in serious relationships are rooting other people in a space of two or three days.

“The way they were telling us they were in love with their partners, and they can’t think of anyone else but them… it’s crazy.”

In the trailer, we see Konrad and Ryan Gallagher getting into a scrap, along with Brittany Hockley and Cyrell Paule.

We also see two unidentified contestants getting v v v close in the hot tub as other contestants watch on.

Have a watch of the wild-ass trailer of The Challenge and keep your eyes peeled for a launch date announcement.