Suzan Mutesi, the influencer, author and contestant on Channel 10’s The Challenge has been accused of buying one million Instagram followers. Did someone say tea time?

The claims were made by celeb stylist and “former friend” of Mutesi, Jamie Azzopardi, who was interviewed on the “So Dramatic!” poddy.

“It fascinates me how she went from 200,000 followers pre-lockdown to 1.2 million,” he admitted to host Megan Pustetto.

“I think she bought one million followers and thinks that the rest of us are idiots.”

Oh. My. God. Turn someone just turn the heat up in here?

For a bit of context, the main issue around purchasing bot followers is that influencers receive work based on their ability to spruik a product to potential customers.

If the potential customers turn out to be…bots, then that ain’t good for business.

Mutesi has firmly denied the allegations in a statement to the Daily Mail.

“It saddens me to hear such words,” she said. “These ridiculous claims are sad and pathetic and very childish.”

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In an effort to prove his claims, Azzopardi referenced Mutesi’s stats on the data site Social Blade.

As you can see, there’s a clear discrepancy between the amount of engagement she receives on her posts and the number of followers she has.

An Influencer From The Challenge Was Accused Of Buying 1 Million Followers & How Do I Sign Up?
Source: Social Blade

You could make the argument that this discrepancy suggests she has a large number of (potentially purchased) bot followers.

However, if we have learned anything from year eight maths, it’s that correlation doesn’t always equal causation.

Azzopardi was so deadset in his claims, he threw down the gauntlet to Mutesi.

“Just release your [Instagram account] insights, and I’ll stop talking. I’ll admit I’m wrong, I don’t do it very often, but I will publicly say I was wrong,” he said.

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Suzan most recently popped up in PEDESTRIAN.TV reporting after the influencer spice fest that was Sydney Fashion Week.

Infamous MAFS participant Olivia Frazer was spotted chatting with Mutesi. The conversation allegedly occurred while a cold war was erupting over a front-row seat at the fashion runway the pair were attending.

“When Olivia stood up to leave, Suzan implored her to stay and watch the show with her as they know each other and are good friends. So she stayed.”

You can catch the full story here.

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Mutesi also attended a cursed MAFS Halloween party in October proving that she does indeed cop the most exclusive (??) invites in town.

Oh, to be a fly on the wall at that party…

This past week hasn’t gone nearly as well for the influencer on The Challenge after she was eliminated from the competition and sent packing from Argentina.

Upon leaving, she said she was “sad that I had to leave the house but I’m grateful for the opportunity”.

Well well well, we do know she loves a good opportunity. Go off, queen.

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