A Cast Member Of The Challenge Revealed What Really Happened With *That* Cold Sore Outbreak

the challenge australia brooke jowett cold sore tea

Rumours have been spreading like wildfire about the cast of The Challenge experiencing a “major” outbreak of cold sores on set which apparently stopped contestants from hooking up with each other. Thankfully a member of the cast has cleared up these rumours.

According to the gossip gurus at So Dramatica contestant claimed that “everyone” on the set of the show broke out in cold sores from stress, which acted as a hookup-repellent.

“There actually weren’t that many hookups among the cast, apart from Megan [Marx] and Konrad [Bien-Stephen], because everyone had cold sores,” the anon source said.

“Everyone just broke out in them during filming, so there was no hooking up. Strangely enough, Megan and Konrad didn’t get cold sores but everyone else did.

“They weren’t spread, they must have just been from stress and weirdly, everyone got them except the people hooking up.”

Mental stress is a cause of cold sores, despite the fact that they’re usually spread by bumping uglies or twisting tongues. Apparently, not much of that was happening on the set of this show.

Contestant Brooke Jowett told PEDESTRIAN.TV the full tea about the situation free from gossipy anon rumours and I can finally be at peace about this whole strange story about a cold sore outbreak.

“From what I know four people got cold sores during filming,” she said.

“I was blessed with one right under my nose for weeks. Love that for me.

“I’m happily taken so it didn’t affect me but I do know that someone used it as an excuse to shut down an unwanted drunken kiss.”

This tea has sent my mind RACING about who on Earth was a crumby little pest on the set of The Challenge. It’s also good to know that this whole cold sore thing has been spun way out of proportion.

Well, that settles things. Stay safe out there folks and try not to catch any cold sores during your endeavours.

Network 10 confirmed last week that the rest of The Challenge will now be aired on 10 Shake (??) starting next week, instead of Channel 10. Apparently, ratings for the show have been absolutely dismal despite the yuge cast.