There’s A Huge SAS Australia Finale Twist & I Wanna Scream Into A Pillow After Reading It

The absolute batshit ride that was SAS Australia is about to come to an end and from what we hear, we’re in for one helluva finale.

Someone from the SAS Australia camp has revealed some much-appreciated finale tea and I’m bloody cringing already.

According to the insider who spoke with, although more than one celeb recruit makes it through to the end, only one of them is crowned the winner ‘cos the other one is deemed “not fit for selection”.

The sneaky source explained that “just because someone completes the course does not mean they will pass selection.”

A bunch of SAS Australia recruits. (Credit: Seven)

Just to refresh your mem, there are just seven recruits left in the show: Erin McNaught, Molly Taylor, Sabrina Frederick, James Magnussen, Merrick Watts, Nick ‘Honey Badger’ Cummins and Shannan Ponton.

“They want to see who fits the mould; who has the right attitude, determination and grit they’re looking for,” the insider said.

“The ultimate question the DS are asking themselves is – would we have you in our team; would we want you standing next to us in a war zone?”

So how will the loser take being shitcanned after undergoing the entirety of the gruelling program? According to the insider, they “reacted with dignity and upon explanation, an understanding of the reason for their exclusion.” Well, they’re sure as shit more enlightened than me, I’ll tell ya that much.

The crew of SAS Australia trainers who decide who passes and who fails the comp.

They also revealed that there is no prize for folks who do not make selection.

“There is no reward, there is not even a certificate. This course is an opportunity for people to find out who they really are and what they are truly capable of,” they said. Big yikes.

The final two episodes of SAS Australia air tonight and tomorrow night on Seven. Brace yourselves for some v. entertaining BS.