Gable Tostee Casually Pops Up On FB After Smashing Milkshake Challenge

Well then.

Gable Tostee, who was exonerated last month after a gruelling and uber high-profile murder and manslaughter case, has gone back to leading a regular life on the Gold Coast. Actually, that’s not entirely true – he apparently intersperses his day-to-day existence with casual record-breaking diner challenges. 

Tostee, who changed his name to Eric Thomas partway through the trial regarding the 2014 death of Warriena Wright, was pictured at the city’s Gangster and Gatsby cafe this arvo. He’d just become the first person to demolish their Godfather Challenge milkshake, FYI.
A picture of the bloke shows him bearing the brunt of roughly seven litres of dairy goodness, consumed in a mind-boggling 13 and a half minutes:

Speaking to, the cafe’s owner Sue Armstrong said she had zero idea the man was a pivotal figure in one of the decade’s most publicised court cases.

However, Armstrong did mention he “said he needed a nap. He was quite fine. I think he was in a food coma.” Uh, yeah, fair enough.

For what it’s worth, he managed to sink a flavour combo featuring Maltesers, an assortment of choc bikkies and extra chocolate sauce to boot. 

You do you, Eric.