Just When You Thought You Were Done Crying, Konrad Has Posted An Emotional Goodbye To Brooke

Contributor: PEDESTRIAN.TV

On last night’s episode of The Bachelorette 2021, fan fave Konrad Bien-Stephens was yeeted out of the mansion, which came as no surprise to those who have been following the news and spotted pics of the lad pashing Abbie Chatfield.

The reality star said his goodbyes to both the series and Brooke Blurton on social media, starting last night with the following post:

“Big double episode tonight,” he began. “My heart is (as always) on my sleeve and there is no holding back. I’m here for one reason and that is to hopefully find love.”

Then this morning, he bid farewell to Brooke and wished her luck on her Bachie journey. Bless this man!

“What a crazy wild ride, I’m so grateful to have met @brooke.blurton, she is an amazing, strong, caring and powerful woman,” he began.

“This was about her, this was about finding the right person for her and unfortunately that wasn’t me, I will always respect her choice to not take me any further. She had her reasons and she has done what is right.

“Being apart of this is special, but it’s not easy, she has some really tough decisions to make. Even though Brooke and I were not meant to be I’m still extremely proud for being myself, putting myself out there and being vulnerable, I made so many amazing memories and new friends, I would never take this experience back for anything.”

He concluded, “Good luck @brooke.blurton I really do hope you find the one ❤️ #bacheloretteau.”


Meanwhile, back to that post-Bachie pash: a production insider recently told Daily Mail Australia that Konrad was contacted by “livid producers” after they saw the spicy snaps.

“They were fuming. I would have hated to be on the other side of that phone call,” the insider claimed.

“They were livid. Producers have gone to extreme efforts to make sure that the cast don’t go rogue and felt like they have done a really good job at getting audiences to feel like he’s a strong frontrunner.”

Meanwhile, an unnamed contestant from the current Bachelorette season spoke to the So Dramatic! podcast for their latest ep and said that they reckon the whole thing will blow over for Konrad since he’s the “producer’s favourite.”

“It’s The Konrad Show. He’s their golden boy. I have a feeling they are setting him up to be the next Bachelor,” they said, before adding: “I think he knows that too because he wasn’t even subtle or trying to hide his romance with Abbie.”

“I bet producers make an exception for Konrad breaching his contract and still give him his bonus,” they said, referring to the $5,000 that the cast members get for following the rules.

It’s subsequently been rumoured that he’s a prime pick for The Bachelor 2022. We’re absolutely down for this!

The Bachelorette Australia 2021 continues next Wednesday on Ten.