Ah, The Bachelor Australia, where somebody calling someone a cunt is just another day on reality TV. And that’s exactly what happened on Thursday night’s episode of the series, leading to quite the confrontation between assumed frontrunner Holly Kingston and Stephanie Lynch.

ICYMI: for reasons we haven’t seen (yet), Steph really doesn’t like Holly. Again, I don’t know why, but this drama was at the centre of last night’s episode. Holly got a single date with Bachelor Jimmy Nicholson and then during the cocktail party, Jimmy pulled Holly aside for a chat.

Because of this thing called the gIrL coDe, in which the women try and date the same man in an orderly fashion, contestants were pissed! Especially Steph, who assumed Holly asked Jimmy for some time alone at the cocktail party and not vice versa.

“What a cunt,” Steph said, afterwards.

Brooke Cleal, who sat next to Steph as she dropped the c-bomb, is one of Holly’s best mates in the mansion. So what did Brooke do? She told Holly.

Holly confronted Steph, who was absolutely flummoxed by the accusation. She claimed she had no recollection of calling Holly a C-U-Next-Tuesday, and it was all kinda… awkward.

I mean, Steph did say it – Ten literally replayed the moment on TV for all of us to see. So it was kind of weird when she denied it.

But, Steph told PEDESTRIAN.TV that she really had no recollection of saying it in the moment. It just slipped out, ya know?

“I certainly wasn’t planning on it, and really didn’t remember saying it,” Steph said.

“For the most part, between myself and my mates it’s a term of endearment!” she continued. “I don’t think you see it play out in [the] episode but I was super remorseful. It’s not a nice word to be called under most circumstances, let alone on national TV!”

Steph added that the word really just popped out.

“I was just in autopilot, and the words fell out of my mouth,” she said. “It didn’t take me long to accept that I’d said and own it, and apologise to Holly.”

While Steph didn’t explicitly reveal the issues between herself and Holly in the mansion, she did say that it was just a high pressure environment. As last year’s Bachie winner Irena Srbinovska revealed in a recent Q&A, contestants weren’t allowed to leave the mansion during filming, or use their phones, watch TV, or have access to the internet.

So look, shit’s going to happen.

“We’re all living together, we spend 24 hours a day together and so you don’t see everything on camera,” Steph explained. “There were a lot of tensions running through the house, and evidently, they seeped over into the Cocktail Party that night.”

As for what happened afterwards, Steph said she and Holly had a “really good chat and fleshed things [out].”

“We agreed that it was all just tensions in the house boiling over into this one scenario,” she said.

PTV also spoke to Holly, who said that while she didn’t think she’d done anything to upset Steph, she was willing to put the drama aside to focus on the gold, AKA Jimmy.

“I wanted to move on and just be cordial with Stephanie after the ordeal,” Holly said. “At the end of the day we still had to live under the same roof.”

Also, Holly said she had no idea about the “bum” thing from last night’s episode. Steph was initially upset with Holly because it looked like she grabbed Jimmy’s butt in front of the other women, as they took off for their single date.

“I honestly don’t recall this happening,” Holly said, explaining that her mates in the mansion told her about it when she got back from the single date.

“We had our arms around each other’s backs so I may have brushed past his bum. Or if I did do it, it was likely out of nerves!”

Accidental bum graze? Not unheard of.

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The Bachelor Australia airs 7.30pm, Wednesdays and Thursdays on Channel 10.

Image: Network 10