Holly Kingston’s Brother Wins The Internet For His IG Comment About The Bachelor C*** Drama

Holly Kingston

Holly Kingston‘s brother is the latest person to chime in on the C U Next Tuesday drama, after last week’s chaotic episode, and I have to say his response was perfect.

ICYMI: The Bachelor mansion erupted in chaos last week, when Steph Lynch called Holly Kingston a “cunt” for breaking ‘girl code’ by having a chat with Bachelor Jimmy Nicholson at the cocktail party, yet that same week also scored a single date with him.

It’s been the biggest ‘drama’ in the mansion so far and Channel Ten even replayed it on TV for dramatic effect. At the time, it seemed like everyone online had something to say about the drama, including Holly’s brother Will Kingston, as spotted by my fave gossip poddy So Dramatic!


Will left the comment under a video of the “c***” incident on The Bachelor‘s Instagram, however it has since been deleted. But luckily So Dramatic! host Megan Pustetto has quick fingers and grabbed the screenshot just in time.

It’s good to see that he could have a laugh about it, because quite frankly, it really was just some dumb drama. Even Holly and Steph are over it, and say things between them are now civil.

“We’re all living together, we spend 24 hours a day together and so you don’t see everything on camera,” Steph told PEDESTRIAN.TV.

“There were a lot of tensions running through the house, and evidently, they seeped over into the Cocktail Party that night.

“We agreed that it was all just tensions in the house boiling over into this one scenario.”

Holly carried the same outlook when she spoke to P.TV and explained “I wanted to move on and just be cordial with Stephanie after the ordeal.”

“At the end of the day we still had to live under the same roof.”

If you want a refresher of the ep, you can read our recap here.