Irena Srbinovska, last year’s The Bachelor Australia winner, has answered a heap of your burning questions about what life was like in the mansion and on set. And I have just one thing to say: JOIZES CHROIST.

Taking to her Instagram on Wednesday night, Irena opened up her DMs for a spiiiiicy Q&A session about her time on The Bachelor Australia. 

Irena answered questions ranging from makeup and styling to her first pash with her boo Locky Gilbert, which it turns out wasn’t the one we saw on-screen last year. More on that in a minute, though, because Irena kicked things off by answering a question about whether or not Bachie is scripted.

“No we don’t have a script, we are not told what to say or do or how to behave. This goes for the Bach too!” Irena answered.

However, during her stint on the show, Irena said that if the women were being filmed and they weren’t talking about anything relevant, then they were nudged in the right direction.

“But we are never told what to say,” she continued. “In saying that, remember that it’s a highly emotional and stressful situation so we tend to act in ways we would normally not in real life.”

Instagram / @irena_srbinovska

As for that sneaky pash off-camera…

Instagram / @irena_srbinovska

Irena also denied she and former co-star Bec Cvilikas were ever in a tiff… re: Bec being ex-besties with Bella Varelis, who had a major falling out with Irena during the season. What a time that was, hey?

“Bec and I have never stopped being friends. We were friends in the house. She supported me, always spoke kindly of me to Locky and we have remained friends on the outside,” Irena shared.

“Myself and Locky have caught up with Bec since the show finished and it was so good seeing her happy.”

Instagram / @irena_srbinovska.

Irena said that the women weren’t allowed to leave the mansion during filming, and were not allowed to use their phones or have access to the internet or TV. I just – what is this, Survivor?  

No wonder some of the contestants lose it in the mansion.

Instagram / @irena_srbinovska.

And lastly – there are more Q&As on her Instagram story if you’re interested – Irena answered a fan’s question about that pesky earpiece.

Said earpiece has been spotted in the earholes of Bachelors throughout the series, from Matty J to Locky.

“The Bachelor has to wear an earpiece at certain times but not to dictate the conversation or anything like that,” Irena explained.

“He wears one in case the producers need to give him directions about time, location of cameras, etc.”

Irena added that like the women on his season, Locky wasn’t told what to say.

“It’s not scripted by anyone, all the BS about being fed lines is not true,” she said.

“And to answer the questions about how he remembers everyone’s name, he just remembers.”

Instagram / @irena_srbinovska.

Consider my questions answered.

The Bachelor Australia continues tonight, 7.30pm on Channel 10.

Image: Instagram / @irena_srbinovska, Channel 10