Bachie’s Tatum Spills On What Last Night’s Ep Left Out From That Fkn Hellish Dinner Party

The Bachelor Australia, Tatum Hargraves

Well, last night’s episode of The Bachelor Australia was a bit of a doozy, wasn’t it? Jimmy Nicholson‘s sister and cousin dropped by, Holly Kingston copped a bit (a lot) of a pasting about being a Mean Girl during the dinner party, and then Tatum Hargraves decided to up and leave the show after deciding that she just wasn’t vibing the bachelor.

Tatum had some things to say about Holly during the dinner party, which saw the women read out anonymous questions from the contestants and Jimmy’s sister Tahnee and cousin Lisa. One question asked the women if anybody changes their behaviour in front of the camera and Jimmy… and cue the Holly pile-on.

The question was originally read out by Sierah Swepstone, before it made its way down the table, to Stephanie Lynch and to Tatum.

The Bachelor Australia, Tatum Hargraves
“Come on. Go on. You answer it”, Steph told Tatum, and passed her the question card.

PEDESTRIAN.TV chatted to Tatum about the whole stitcheroo plus her decision to leave the show, and here’s what she had to say.

PEDESTRIAN.TVWhat was your first impression of Jimmy?

Tatum Hargraves: He had a really nice calming presence about him. I found him quite easy to talk to. Although initially, I didn’t quite have that spark with him that I was hoping for.

I didn’t really feel that instant chemistry with him. I felt like we did have the chance – the opportunity to get to know each other during our one-on-on time. But there was no real chemistry between us and my feelings weren’t progressing in a way that they should have been by this stage of, you know, five weeks at least.

PTV: So, can you talk me through the dinner? What made you want to speak up about Holly? 

TH: So by this stage, we’ve been in the house for almost six weeks. And, as you can imagine – living with 23 girls – emotions are heightened. So it’s inevitable that we start to get on one another’s nerves. And I think with the question box, it was an opportunity for people to address things, talk about them and move on.

I feel like we were able to have that conversation and then after that dinner party, we started to get along.

PTV: When you spoke up about Holly, it kind of looked like Steph was egging you on? Was this true?

TH: No, not at all! It’s funny how it does appear on TV. I actually read a question that I felt for me that I wanted to know, and I didn’t go in with a hidden agenda, you know, or trying to get people to side with me.

Steph spoke up on behalf of her for an issue that she had with Holly. So there were a number of conversations that were brought up at the dinner. I think at least eight girls spoke up about the question I read out so I wasn’t the only one feeling this way.

PTV: Had you or any of the other women spoken to Holly about having issues with her before the dinner party?

TH: There were a few moments where people did address and have some conversations with Holly, yes.

PTV: And how did those go? 

TH: To be honest, I can’t remember. It was a long time ago and I probably shouldn’t speak on someone else’s behalf.

PTV: About you decision to leave The Bachelor Australia – was there a breaking point for you?

TH: My decision to leave was in no way – it didn’t have anything to do with what happened at the dinner party. We’d all spoken and sorted things out and we all got along well after that point. But my decision was – I knew how I felt, and there was no purpose for me there anymore.

Like, I was only there for love and I didn’t want to waste my time or Jimmy’s, or take time away from the other girls. So one thing I’ve learned is, I sometimes, you know, don’t give people a full chance. And that’s why I really wanted to be sure about my decision and stay for ample time to know him as a person, because I knew I was there for a reason. And once I’d worked out that our values didn’t align, I decided to leave.

PTV: Would you do Bachie again?

TH: I’d do anything for love and if something arose and it felt right to me, I would give it a go. I’d definitely consider it.

The Bachelor Australia airs 7.30pm, Wednesdays and Thursdays on Channel 10.