The Bachie Gals Spill On All The Reality Shows They Applied For Before Landing The Bachelor

If someone held a gun to your head and said you HAD TO apply for a reality show, which one would you choose? Would it be one of the dating shows, like The Bachelor, MAFS or Love Island? A cooking show, like MasterChef or My Kitchen Rules? Or would it be something grittier like The Block or Survivor?

In the lead-up to the new season of The Bachelor, we chatted to each of the contestants and asked them if their reality TV dreams began with this season of Bachie, or if they’d applied for other shows in the past.

Every contestant claimed that this is the first show they’ve signed up to, except for a few girls who say they’ve flirted with reality telly in the past.

Well first up there’s Stevie and Hannah, who said they’d both applied for The Bachelor in the past but never got through (a blessing in disguise, TBH, because Jimmy is the best Bachie we’ve ever had, if ya ask me).

The Bachelor star Hannah

I’m telling ya, Han. Blessing in disguise.

There were a couple of other dating show try-outs, including Tatum who said she applied for Love Island “a few years ago” and Lauren who applied for the most recent season of MAFS, before ending up on The Bachelor.

As for Belinda, she said she was once “cast on a cooking show” but it “wasn’t the right time for me.” Not sure which so it was, but I’m assuming MasterChef or MKR. Or maybe even Ready, Steady, Cook?

Belinda realising she shoulda rolled with the cooking show.

Stephanie revealed she got rejected from Hard Quiz and she’s still salty about it.

“I haven’t forgiven Tom Gleeson for not choosing me,” she told us.

And finally, Jacinta revealed she applied for Survivor a couple of years ago, which would’ve been wild, but, I mean, one could argue that The Bachelor isn’t all that different from Survivor.

A bunch of randos fighting for survival, albeit with much noicer contestants, but equally as fierce competitors.

The Bachelor Australia continues next Wednesday at 7:30pm on Ten.