Yikes: This Cooked Editing Fail From The Bachelor Last Night Proves How Fake Reality TV Is

The Bachelor

If you needed another bit of evidence to prove that reality TV is probably not real, here’s another for your Friday arvo. It certainly seems that The Bachelor is just straight up recycling sound bites to further villainies one of its contestants *sighs*.

Former Gogglebox star Symon Lovett and his parter Gabriella Russell spotted the editing fail on last night’s episode of The Bachelor when this year’s ‘villain’ Sierah Swepstone called fellow contestant Tahnee Leeson “boring”, and said she’d “had better chats with a wooden spoon.”

But here’s where the editing fail comes in, because on the previous night’s episode Sierah also said she’d had “better chats with a wooden spoon” when referring to Bach babe Jimmy Nicholson.

It’s funny because I also remember watching that part and thinking it sounded a bit odd within the context of the rose ceremony. Well, looks like it’s just another case of “frankenbiting”, which according to Refinery 29 “is when editors piece together sentences from words or parts of different clips to make reality stars say something they didn’t actually say or mean.”

Have a look for yourself below:

Pretty dodgy if you ask me, but it’s all in a day’s work for a reality TV editor and is pretty common practice in the industry.

In a recent Vanity Fair article, Spencer Pratt (The Hills) told the publication that they’d used sound bites of him completely out of context. In one instance, Pratt recalls saying “let’s hit that back door” about a club’s VIP entrance. However, instead of using that sound bite, editors made it seem like he was talking was about ‘hitting’ parter Heidi Montag’s ‘back door’.

It’s easy to forget that what we see on our screens is fake, when it’s literally called ‘reality TV’. But shows like The Bachelor have a pretty set storyline, so just think of it as a fictional rom-com that uses amateur actors and actresses.