Ten Sent Us An Unaired Rap By Sierah & It’s So Awkward That We Actually Kind Of Love It

Sierah raps

Sierah has been a *bit* of a wild card on this season of The Bachelor.

She started off as ‘fart girl’ and was absolutely hilarious in the premiere, and her unhinged antics definitely have her pinned as the funniest gal on the show. But, of course, things got kind of mean and competitive really quickly and that turned me off her a bit.

However, now I seem to be changing my mind, because we’ve got our hands on some sneaky unaired footage that’s definitely redeeming Sierah in my eyes.

In this vid that Ten sent us, Sierah performs an actual rap that she wrote herself. Like, rhymes and does a mic drop and everything. Is it cringe? Yes. Prepare your spine because it is going to want to cave into itself when you see Jimmy‘s face as Sierah does her thing. BUT. Is it also kind of endearing and adorable? Also yes!!

She zooms through the rap in a way that shows she’s kind of nervous, but it’s like, surprisingly alright?? And thinking of her sitting there and coming up with it, and then having the guts to get up and do it, is cute to me!!! I mean, just look at it:

Isn’t it just so cute?? Are you not kind of rooting for her to get a little more attention after that mammoth effort?? No?? Maybe it’s just me but I know I wouldn’t have the guts to get up and do that, so props to her!!

If you want some more sneaky unaired footage, the full insider guide for The Bachelor is available on 10 Play. You can catch The Bachelor on Wednesdays and Thursdays at 7:30pm on 10.