Bachie Runner-Up Brooke Just Shared Her First IG Post Since The Finale & I’m An Emotional Mess

And that’s a wrap on The Bachelor Australia 2021, folks!

ICYMI: Last night’s finale ended with Jimmy Nicholson choosing Holly Kingston over Brooke Cleal and I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t an emotional mess after seeing Brooke’s heartbroken reaction.

Welp, I’ve just woken up and checked Insta and I’m an emotional mess once again after seeing Brooke’s first Instagram post since the split.

Granted, the caption would’ve been heavily edited by The Bachelor producers, but you can totally sense the emotion and devastation in there and it’s beyond upsetting.

“Where do I even begin? What a love story. What a rollercoaster. What an experience,” Brooke began.

“From the moment I met you on the red carpet @Jimmynicholson, you had this cool way about you that instantly made me the quirk ball between us (thanks). Your intelligence was highly admired, but the balance with the fun, was even better! We had so much fun on our dates, in fits of laughter, sore cheeks and saying somewhat the silliest cringeworthy things (thanks).

“Losing my grandpa halfway through the experience was sadly some of my worst days. Saying goodbye to him provided some closure to at least one part of my life, but it left me questioning if I should return to the mansion. It took a lot of courage, strength & confidence to come back, but that’s the funny thing about grief. It’s unpredictable and there’s no right way of doing it.”

She says that although “this love story is over”, she still wants “nothing but the best for the beautiful, down to earth couple, and I am so happy you both found love.”

She went on to give a shoutout to her fellow gals, writing: “Cheers to the incredible Bachelorettes, to all the crew who work so hard, to my beautiful girlfriends & colleagues outside of the show and mostly, thank you to my family for your love, kindness and believing in me.”

And finally, Brooke Cleal spoke directly to her recently deceased grandfather and if you weren’t sobbing uncontrollably by now, you will be soon.

“And cheers to my number 1 supporter watching up high, my grandpa, that I still miss dearly and grieve daily,” she wrote. “Happy he reconnected back to the love of his life and got his happily ever after in what was a difficult few years without my nannie by his side.”

She concluded, “Here’s to new beginnings.”

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