Well, The Bachelor finale was a fucking rollercoaster and a half!!!! I’ve watched every single episode of The Bachelor this year, and despite feeling confident on who was going to win (by the penultimate episode I reckoned Holly), this finale really had me and literally everyone online questioning ourselves.

I mean, the show was initially hinting Holly Kingston would be Jimmy Nicholson‘s pick because of Brooke Cleal’s absolute train wreck of a first impression with Jimmy’s family and obviously her entire issue with long distance.

But with the constant comments from Jimmy about loving how ~different~ Brooke is, and his father’s concerns about Holly being like Jimmy’s exes, well, I was starting to think maybe through some divine intervention, Disney sweetheart Brooke had a shot here.

The constant back and forth, 50/50 was some great fucking TV because I was on the edge of my seat the whole time, constantly changing my mind. Because surely Holly will win right?? But then what about all the hints towards Brooke? A misdirection??? Or misdirection of a misdirection??

And then:

Holly was shown getting out of the car first. The way everyone on Twitter collectively screamed!!!!

But wait!!! It isn’t Holly! It’s Brooke stepping out of the vehicle! But wait! We’re cutting to Holly again, being hidden by umbrellas! And now it’s Brooke walking towards Jimmy again!!! WHAT IS HAPPENING?! Who the fuck is going first?!

THIS EDITING. Give these people a Logie because I had 18 heart attacks in 30 seconds. Just tell me who wins and get this over with so my anxiety can calm the fuck down!!!

When Brooke finally made it to Jimmy I honestly still wasn’t 100% sure he was breaking up with her because I was just waiting for another cut. Took Channel 10 less than a minute to give me trust issues it seems.

But alas, Brooke was dumped, and it was honestly fucking brutal. So sad. Poor lass took it like getting hit by a truck and it was awful. And of course, they sent her to walk up a fkn mountain in heels afterwards too.

It honestly took a whole minute to process because of the whiplash that editing gave me.

Anyway, seeing Holly come up and Jimmy and her having a happy ending, its honestly hard to enjoy after that fucking brutal break up with Brooke. I need more than 5 minutes to recover from the stress of it all.

But hey, this is what spicy reality TV is for, am I right? Jimmy’s little speech was cute, he dropped the L-bomb, Brooke is probably not going to leave her bed for three months, and all of this is over. I need to lay down.

You can watch The Bachelor finale on 10play.