Taylor Swift’s Impact Is So ‘Yuge That UniMelb Will Be Examining It In An Academic Conference

Taylor Swift‘s impact on the world is so fucking powerful that the University of Melbourne will host an academic conference to analyse the pop sensation’s success.

ICYMI: Earth has been unofficially named Swifttropica because society cannot contain its love for Tay-tay. Okay. I’m kidding about the world’s rebrand, but it seems like the world is truly obsessed with the “Cruel Summer” singer.

From her music to her love life and her cheeky, messy moments — *cough* her dinner with fellow Joe Jonas ex, Sophie Turner *cough* — we just can’t get enough of this country queen.

If you’re caught up in the Swifie movement, and you’re from the (arguably) beautiful country of Australia, well, you’re in luck. The University of Melbourne will be hosting Swiftposium 2024, an academic conference all about the one and only Taylor Swift.

According to its official website, the academic event has been organised by several universities across Australia and New Zealand.

So you know it’s legit edumication, my peoples!

“Swiftposium is a hybrid academic conference for scholars to engage in critical dialogue about Swift’s popularity and its profound implications for a range of issues including gender, fandom, popular culture, literature, the economy, the music industry, and more,” the website reads.

And if you’re like Kath Day-Knight and you have been reading your ‘istory books, the Switposium are inviting academic researchers from the Asia-Pacific region to “submit proposals” for a variety of themes.

A quick rundown of the themes includes: the phenomenon of the Swifties, Tay’s impact on urban landscapes and cultural identities of cities, Tay’s contribution to feminism, literary interpretations of Taylor Swift, and so much more.

Honestly, I’m not surprised that a whole academic event has been dedicated to Taylor. Like, her impact and her fandom truly need to be studied.

In 2022, New York University’s Clive Davis Institute introduced a Taylor Swift course that covered her evolution as a musician, her legacy, discourses of youth and girlhood, and more, as per Variety.

Earlier this week, Swifties were left quaking in their boots after USA Today put out a job listing for a Taylor Swift reporter.

If you’re interested in attending Swiftposium 2024, the website says it’ll take place from Sunday, February 11, to Tuesday, February 13 and according to its Instagram (@swiftposium), there will be at least one public-facing event.

I honestly have no clue how these events work but hopefully, the ticketing system is nothing like the Ticketek Eras Tour shitshow.

Fingers crossed.

Image Source: Getty Images / Kevin Kane