A Dad Has Become Father Of The Century After He Sacrificed His Bum For Taylor Swift Tickets

Would you put your ass on the line for Taylor Swift Eras Tour tickets? Well, this dad dedicated a whole cheek to the pop star in hopes of securing passes to the highly sought-after show.

As desperation for Swift tickets soars, South Australian man Luke Porter, who is the father of 12-year-old Jemma, decided to sacrifice a whole ass cheek to the “Style” singer in an attempt to win tickets to the Eras Tour and nab the title of “Parent of the Era”.

The “Parent of the Era” competition is run by South Australia’s The Ali Clarke Breakfast Show on Mix102.3. Basically, the showrunners are looking for parents who will do anything for tickets to Swift’s show. The parent who manages to score the title will win flights, accommodation and OFC, tickets to Swift’s show.

On Monday, Clarke revealed that parents have been vying for the tickets, sharing all the lengths they’ve gone through to hopefully gain the title of Parent of the Era. One parent went bungee jumping, another walked an impressive amount of miles, and one parent even said that they would wear a mirror ball dress for a whole week.

James decided to challenge all of these parents by tattooing a portrait of not only Swift but also her current boo thang, Travis Kelce. And the tattoo itself is fucking COLOSSAL.

What makes it even more outrageous is that Luke wasn’t the one who came up with the idea to get inked. It was actually his wife, Rachel, who nominated him on the radio show, and he obliged.

“I wasn’t gonna put myself up (for Parent of the Era) but I thought I would nominate my husband to get a tattoo of Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift on his bum,” she told the showrunners.

What makes it kinda cooked is that it’s not certain that James will score the tickets. He’s only in the running!

In case you’ve missed all the commotion surrounding Swift and her Aussie dates, the star is unfortunately only coming to Sydney and Melbourne for the Australian leg of her epic Eras Tour.

With the star visiting only two major Aussie cities, fans from all over the southern hemisphere scrambled to nab tickets. It was HELL.

Although I am one of the unlucky ones who missed out on tickets, I don’t think I would dedicate my luscious ass for Miss Swift.

Beyoncé or Nicki Minaj, on the other hand…

Image source: Getty Images / David Eulitt & Instagram / @mixadelaide