Sophie Monk Got Married In A Secret Wedding And It’s The Cutest Darn Thing We Ever Did See

Bonafide Aussie icon Sophie Monk revealed that she and her partner Joshua Gross got hitched in a secret ceremony. Fkn awww.

She dropped the wedding bomb in an Insta post with pics from a feature by Stellar magazine.

“I have a hubby!” Sophie Monk wrote.

“We eloped-ish at home. I can’t believe I met him on a plane! It’s crazy. Best flight of my life!

“I really do believe everything happens for a reason.”

First thing’s first: I’m bloody obsessed with that dress. She looks absolutely stunning and the gloves? Incredible. Bridgerton’s impact. He looks very nice too.

Plus that adorable doggy groomsman/bridesmaid? An essential addition to any wedding party if you ask me.

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Sophie told Stellar that the wedding day itself was “beautiful and relaxed”.

“We didn’t know what the day was going to look like because we rushed it, and it has superseded our expectations,” she said.

“I never get nervous; obviously in my job you can’t. But I got so nervous when he was about to walk in and see me in my wedding dress. It was really unexpected.”

She also confirmed that they’d always planned to elope. Spicy!

“This is more our style. We’re quite private anyway,” she explained.

“We had a massive engagement party last year and it was so nice. So we thought, well, why don’t we just get married at home?

“I’ve seen people get really stressed about their wedding and ours has been so stress-free.”

The couple got engaged back in January 2021.

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Sophie Monk and Joshua Gross first met when they were sat next to eachother on a plane in August 2018. An actual bonafide meet cute! We love it.

“He was so charming and funny and he had no idea what I did,” she told Kyle & Jackie O at the time.

“I was sitting there for a while and I went, ‘Hey, um, are you single?’ And he went, ‘Yeah.’ I went, ‘I don’t ever get to meet people in normal scenarios and, um, can I kiss you?’

“I thought, ‘Oh god I’ve got a ten-hour flight with this guy, if he says no I’m in trouble’.”

Absolutely iconic stuff there.

The couple have been congratulated by loads of Aussie celebs. Jackie O commented: “Oh babe. You look so beautiful. Glad you did it just you two. So romantic.”

Jess and Lisa from The Veronicas sent a big congrats as did fellow Bachelor franchise alum Abbie Chatfield.

“This dress Soph!! So stunning. Congratulations,” said Abbie.

Even Perez Hilton weighed in, to which I only have one thing to say: get a job!!! Stay away from her!!!

So a huge fkn congrats to Sophie and Joshua. I simply can’t wait for more wedding pics.