Sophie Monk Got Stranded At Sea With Her Fiancé & Had To Get Rescued & Honestly…Relatable

Australia’s sweetheart Sophie Monk – plus her fiancé Joshua Gross and dog Bluey – had to be rescued after getting stranded at sea today, which is all very Cast Away of them.

Quick, someone play the song by The Backyardigans.

Monk apparently headed out on the water for a romantic rendezvous with her beau, which is probably already a better date than any she experienced on The Bachelorette.

However, when they jetted off, the couple realised they’d forgotten to get fuel for the boat.

Now, I’m no boater, but I feel like when you’re making your Boat Day Out checklist, fuel is probably quite high up.

Cheese and wine? Check. Hats and sunscreen? Check. UE Boom? Check. Fuel for the boat? Oops!

But in fairness to Sophie and Joshua, who hasn’t gone on a picnic and forgotten the knives/napkins/bottle opener/picnic blanket?

The couple – who were stranded off of NSW’s Central Coast – ended up needing to be fetched by Marine Rescue NSW.

Like any good celeb, Sophie Monk documented the adventure on her Insta Stories, including a quick photo shoot.

sophie monk posing for a pic on a boat

She also shared a snap of her frankly adorable, if not slightly terrified, puppy, and a thank you message to Marine Rescue NSW.

Monk announced her engagement to Gross earlier this year. The pair have been dating since 2018 when they met on a plane. Honestly, an impeccable level of meet-cute there.

Back in 2017, she was the first celeb star of The Bachelorette, where she ultimately chose Stu Laundy, a millionaire publican (which apparently means someone who owns and manages a hotel, not a conservative American politician).

The pair broke up in early 2018.

Monk told that her wedding to Gross would be a chill affair.

“I‘m very low-key, unless it’s for work, when I’m always dressing up. I think we’re just going to keep it quiet, low-key, and no drama for anyone. I just want it to be an amazing day between us.”

Let’s just hope that the honeymoon will be on dry land.