Sophie Monk Said She’s ‘Working On’ A Bébé With Her Husband & Can She Be My Mum Too?

Photo of Joshua Gross and Sophie Monk cuddling on the couch and a photo of Moira Rose from Schitt's Creek with the caption "did you say bébé?"

It looks like we might have a royal baby on the way because Sophie Monk has revealed she’s trying to get pregnant with husband Joshua Gross. Sorry did you think I meant a Buckingham Palace royal? Oh no, I’m talking Aussie royalty here.

Sophie recently spoke with New Idea about what’s going on in her life at the moment as we gear up for another season of Beauty & The Geek. In the midst of the chat, she said she’s definitely thinking about having a sprog of her own.

“We both want kids,” she said.

“We’re working on it!”

You know what? Don’t need to know anything more than that, really. Simply don’t want to think about that one tweet that’s been living rent-free in my brain since 2019 when it was posted.

Ahh fucken God damn it. I’m sorry Sophie Monk and future baby.

Anyway, Australia’s Queen and her husband Joshua tied the knot back in March after they had a chance meeting on a plane in 2018.

Their adorable love story kicked off the year after she was our season three Bachelorette, wound up with winner Stu Laundy and later split with him after a few months together.

Apparently, life has imitated work for Sophie. She admitted to New Idea that Joshua is a “total geek” who has brought out the underlying nerd energy in her, too.

“Joshua is really into Xbox and F1 and has the chair with the steering wheel and a massive giant LEGO display at home,” she said.

“But I’m a geek now too. Joshua brought out the geek in me!”

Honestly, bless these two. We can’t wait to meet the Mini Monk when they eventually show up. Lord knows they’re going to be insanely genetically blessed.