Sophie Monk Spilled On That Time She Worked On A ‘Shit Radio Show’ In Spicy Podcast Interview

Kids today will describe Sophie Monk as the host of Beauty and the Geek without realising what a stellar resume she has.

From launching her singing career on Popstars with Bardot back in the day to nabbing the role of Australia’s Bachelorette in 2017 to becoming a radio host, the gal has pretty much done it all.

But while she looks back on some of her many gigs fondly, one that does not spark joy is her stint in radio.

Appearing on the podcast Is It Just Me?, hosted by funny blokes Mitch Churi and Mitch Coombes, the duo otherwise known as A Couple of Mitches, Sophie Monk discussed her time on radio.

Although she says she “loved” working on radio, it definitely came with its share of pitfalls.

“Breakfast radio is tough, it really messed with me,” she began. “Because we had no ratings, either. I remember there was a newspaper that read for people that are blind, and that got higher ratings than our show.”

“So getting up early to do a shit radio show burns you out.” Look, fair call!

In 2013, Sophie filled in for Fifi Box on Fifi and Jules whilst Fifi was on mat leave. She must’ve bloody killed it because then in December of that year, Monk was hired for a 2Day FM breakfast show with Jules Lund, Merrick Watts and Mel B, replacing the Kyle and Jackie O Show when it moved networks.

She’s also had stints across various other radio shows before quitting radio to do telly.

But anyway, onward and upward! Sophie also revealed that she’s hitting us with some new tunes and a new music vid soon and she even dropped a snippet throughout the ep, so I defs recommend chucking it a listen.

Beauty and the Geek, starring Sophie Monk as the host, is currently airing on Nine.