Ya Girl Sophie Monk & Her New Mate Jan Just Dunked On Those Breakup Rumours

So new Queen of Australia Sophie Monk has officially gone public with new beau, bazillionaire publican Stu Laundy, after the finale of The Bachelorette on Thursday. And obviously, the breakup rumours have already started to fly.

Most of those breakup rumours are courtesy one particular Instagram post by radio host Kate Langbroek, after an awkward on-air interview and during an even more awkward appearance on The Project.

This Instagram post, in fact:

It had the entire population of Australia (a slight exaggeration, possibly, but it sure feels like it) freaking out that Our Sophie, possibly the best person to have ever appeared on television, might have gone through that entire reality TV nightmare for naught.

But never fear! The Queen herself has debunked those breakup rumours with an Instagram post of her own. And we warn you, you may want to sit down for this, because it’s quite likely the best Instagram video ever filmed.


Yep, your best mate and mine Sophie Monk recruited a passerby called Jan to independently verify the state of her relationship with Stu. And Jan rose to the occasion absolutely magnificently.

Sophie,” says Jan, accurately. “You’re Sophie Monk.”

She then continues:

I just read on my Facebook that it says that you and Stu are not together any more, and I’d like to verify that you are. I’ve seen the way you’re behaving.

Stu interjects, saying, “Is it inappropriate, is that what you’re saying?

No, I think it’s inappropriate what they’re saying,” Jan retorts, because Jan is a whip smart broad who thinks on her feet and casts a critical eye over all media she consumes. And then:

“Good on ya,” she says. “Go for it.

There you have it, folks: Sophie Monk and her new best friend Jan have thoroughly busted this particular myth. Channel 10, I hope you’re paying attention. There’s a morning talk show just waiting to happen here.