Multiple Insiders Have Spilled BTS Tea About Why Selena Gomez Unfollowed A Bunch Of Celebs

An insider has shed some light on the mass unfollow spree Selena Gomez recently went on.

ICYMI: The singer reportedly unfollowed a string of stars who she otherwise didn’t appear to have beef with: Gigi and Bella Hadid, Dua Lipa (??) and even Zayn Malik, who just months ago she was rumoured to have been dating.

It’s not clear exactly when she unfollowed them, but she definitely used to, so it’s certainly weird — especially given not that long ago, she mentioned Bella Hadid (who is the ex of Selena’s ex The Weeknd) on her TikTok and talked about how pretty she is.

Speaking to DeuxMoi, an insider shared that Selena probably wasn’t even the one hitting unfollow and it was likely a member of her social media team.

But that doesn’t necessarily mean she wasn’t responsible for the shady move as the source shared that it was probs “based off of info she gave them… that’s what usually happens.”

The source presumed that once Selena and Zayn’s relo fizzled, she probs told her team to scrap him from her ‘gram, along with the other celebs he’s been linked to.

The anonymous tipster went on to shed further light on how and why celebs in general unfollow other celebs.

“I don’t know any A or B [list] celebrities that really edit their own social media,” they shared.

“They’ll write their captions and approve pics but the actual posting is rarely them.

“Sometimes they get put on the spot to follow someone but they rarely go through and unfollow people.”

This Deux source isn’t the only one spilling the tea.

Another sneaky person told People that “there are absolutely no hard feelings with anyone she unfollowed.”

The shady move has gossip accounts buzzing, with fans coming up with all kinds of wild theories to explain why it happened.

Some suggested that perhaps Selena was dating Zayn (I personally never believed those rumours, though Selena was spotted with Zayn’s assistant and the two were in the same city at the same time), but perhaps the two broke up so she unfollowed him and his baby mama Gigi, plus her sister to keep the timeline pure?

However, that doesn’t really explain why she would unfollow Dua Lipa.

Others suggested maybe Zayn hooked up with Gigi while seeing Selena.

One TikToker pointed out that days before the unfollowing spree, Gigi was papped hanging out with Taylor Swift, who is besties with Selena.

Maybe Gigi said something shady about Selena, Taylor told Selena, and Selena unfollowed? Or maybe Selena and Hailey Bieber made up (they seem to be interacting on Instagram??) and now Hailey is spilling the tea?

Okay, even my head’s spinning.

Queen of gossip Deuxmoi received plenty of frenzied submissions asking about the unfollowing spree, with even more theories abound: were Dua and the Hadids talking smack about Selena? Was Zayn caught in the middle? WTF is going on?!

However, Deuxmoi didn’t seem too impressed with all the drama.

“Maybe it’s not Selena,” she wrote alongside DMs from social media managers she was sent in the past.

“Maybe it’s her social media manager cleaning up her follow list… it’s very common for a celeb to have someone help with their social media accounts.”

While that may be true, it would be a very wild social media manager indeed that would unfollow such A-List stars, especially ones directly associated with Selena via rumours and social circles.

Well, except Dua Lipa. I’m still a little lost about that one.

However, it has been pointed out that Selena also followed an Instagram account called Cloud23 which is only followed by her and bestie Nicola Peltz Beckham — a brand registered under Nicola which suggests it’s selling products related to food and coffee.

So…. is this unfollowing spree an attempt at drumming up press before a big announcement of a collab?

I guess we’ll find out soon enough.

Image: Getty Images / MEGA, Cindy Ord, Raymond Hall