PEAK DRAMA: Selena Gomez Just Unfollowed The Weeknd On Instagram

Oh god, the ongoing saga starring The Weeknd/Selena Gomez/Justin Bieber/Bella Hadid is just so fucking stupid yet also completely captivating.

A quick refresher – although we’d hedge our bets that if you’re currently reading this, you’re well up to speed on everything. The Weeknd and Selena broke up. Selena immediately seemed to go back to her problematic ex, Justin Bieber. The Weeknd was spotted with BIEBER’s ex. Then The Weeknd was spotted leaving Bella Hadid’s apartment in NYC.

And now, we have the latest instalment in what is fast becoming Days Of Our Lives, young-hot-music-stars edition. The Weeknd and Selena have committed the act that is surely the modern-day version of returning someone’s personal belongings after a break-up. Yup, they’ve unfollowed each other on Instagram.

Here’s some super sleuthing we did for you. This is The Weeknd’s followers list.

And here’s Selena’s.

Whoa, guys. WHOA.

It’s a big about-turn for the ex loverrrs, since Selena “liked” one of The Weeknd’s posts just last week, leading fans to lose their shit with speculation that they’d broken up amicably. And hey – they still may have! Let’s not assume an unfollow means “I fucking hate you and hope you trip and break a small bone”.

Clearly, this is a saga that will not die anytime soon – but goddamn is it giving these guys some boonta press… which is bloody CONVENIENT, isn’t it, given Selena dropped her new track ‘Wolves’ yesterday.

Hmmm. Hmm Hmmm Hmmmmmm. We’ll keep you posted, if only because we are personally invested in this drama to an uncomfortable level.