Selena Gomez Sang Justin Bieber A Love Song And IT’S REALLY HAPPENING

When Anna Faris and Chris Pratt split this year, it really did seem like love was truly dead. Non-existent. No hope for any of us sorry plebs.

But it’s okay, guys. Love was just tricking us, the little trickster. The little sneaky sneakerson. It’s actually well and truly ALIVE, in the form of Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez pretty much definitely doing the rumpy-pumpy but the in-love-with-each-other version.

See, we’ve had rumours, pics of them wandering around together and hanging out at hockey games and what not. But if we’re really honest with ourselves in our hearts – their behaviour up until this point could easily just be “exes who are now mates”. Hell, I have at least… two exes I can hang out with without setting fire to their hair. It happens. You can be mates with an ex.

You know what no one does with their exes? Sings them FUCKING LOVE SONGS VIA FACETIME.

Yes, what you see here is Selena lip-synching to her bestie Taylor Swift‘s new tune, ‘Gorgeous‘ – a song about how babe’n the guy you’re dating is – and Justin getting all squirmy and blushy and adorable.

Frankly, it’s too much for my heart to handle. This CANNOT BE MISCONSTRUED, surely. This is absolutely the shit you do with someone you’re fucking (lovingly) and not something you do with a problematic ex.

Some are saying it’s ‘fake’ – and look, what is The Kript? How did they get these video rips? However I’m at a loss as to how this could be faked, exactly. Then again, I am not Ms Technology and can barely work a computer, so.

The pair are yet to officially confirm their reuniting, and clearly they’re loving this whole trolling-the-world biz c/o all the mystery. But I’ll eat my left sock if these two aren’t back on for real.