Selena Gomez Just Made It Insta-Official With Biebs & MA HEART, MA SOUL

Ummmmmmm sound the freakin’ alarm mates, because the most obvious couple on Earth (J.Biebs and Selena Gomez) have finally made it Instagram official. Which we all know is basically the promise ring of 2018.

In case you can’t work shit out (hey, it’s Friday, I get it) March 1, 1994 is the day Justin Bieber entered this world.

It’s no “ILY Justin foreva one day we will be married”, but it is the first time – this time around, at least – that Sel’s posted something that indicates she’s got any form of relationship with Justin these days. So hell, we’ll take it as rock-solid confirmation.

The pair have been loved-up for months now, spending V-Day together and hitting up church all the time. Appaz things are preeeetty good with the previously on-off pair these days.

“Everything is so different this time around,” a source told E! recently. “They do a good job keeping in touch when they are away from each other. Selena and Justin text all day and even FaceTime from time to time.”