Bella Hadid Chanels Her Inner Shaggy To Deny Pashing The Weeknd At Coachell

How quickly our dreams are shattered.

Remember one million years ago, when Bella Hadid and The Weeknd were dating? (Technically speaking, they broke up in November 2016, but you could tell me it was in the early naughties and I’d probably believe you.) Over the weekend – pun actually not intended – it was reported that the once-upon-a-time couple were smooching at Coachella.

The report came from Us Weekly, which quoted an eye-witness saying the pair were “canoodling and being affectionate as she sat on his lap” during Travis Scott‘s set.

Unfortunately for everyone shipping this couple, Bella’s just poured cold water all over those rumours, commenting on E! News‘ Instagram post: “It wasn’t me.”

So who WAS The Weeknd smooching at Coachella? (And who was this eye-witness who didn’t recognise one of the most famous faces in the world? They might need to get something checked.)

Apparently, it was DJ and producer Chantel Jeffries, a longtime friend of The Weeknd’s who predates both Bella and his most recent ex, Selena Gomez.

Bizarrely enough, Chantel also used to date Justin Bieber, who also used to date Selena. If nothing else, this is clear proof that there’s actually only about five young hot celebrities in California at any one time, and they all forced by lack of choice to only date each other.

E! News claims to have learnt that they’re “definitely seeing each other and dating”. TMZ went one step further and published the dang pictures. Smooch away, young lovebirds. We eagerly awaited the official Instagram confirmation.