SPICY DRAMA: The Weeknd’s Been Spotted Leaving Bella Hadid’s Apartment

Good Lord, what is going on with the Bella Hadid/The Weeknd/Selena Gomez/Justin Bieber gang. First it was Selena and The Weeknd quietly splitting after months of flaunting their love all over the globe. Then Selena’s immediately canoodling all over the shop with everyone’s favourite fuckboy, Justin Bieber – aka her ex and first love.

THEN, The Weeknd was spotted arriving at French Montana‘s bday with none other than Bieber’s ex-fling, Yovanna Ventura. Hoo boy, could this get any more incestual.

Yes. It can. Because now, The Weeknd’s been spotted leaving his exes apartment block. Yup, looks likely that The Weeknd and Bella Hadid are, at the very least, patching up their whatever-ship after their break up late last year.

According to Elle, a photo agency snapped The Weeknd leaving Bella’s apartment block last night in NYC, after “spending several hours there.” 

Look, exes can totally hang out platonically – but you have to admit it is juicy as hell that Selena and The Weeknd split and then both immediately began hanging with their exes again. Is it get-back-with-your-ex season in the States or something?

We have zero doubt this’ll be heating up on the gossip front over the next week. Watch this space, mates.