The VMAs Camera Caught Selena Gomez Making A Very Appropriate Face To Chris Brown’s Nomination

selena gomez vmas

Selena Gomez, bless her soul, is truly one of the girlies — and her reaction to Chris Brown‘s VMAs Nomination proves it. Ugh, I love women supporting women.

Despite a history of domestic violence allegations from former partners, Chris Brown’s music career as continued to thrive.

However, not every celebrity is a fan, especially not Selena Gomez.

The iconic pop star was caught by the VMAs camera looking, uh, less than pleased when it was announced Brown had been nominated for Best R&B for his song “How Does It Feel” with Chlöe.

In fact, she looked downright disgusted, and had a disappointed glower on her face. Don’t we fkn all.

Omg. Please just appreciate the change from neutral to scowl in closer detail.

Selena also refused to clap for Chris Brown, and just kinda sat there looking pissed off. She’s so me, FR.

If you’re wondering why Selena had such a visceral reaction to Chris Brown’s nomination, let me just remind you of the allegations against him:

civil suit was filed by a woman against Chris Brown last year, where she claimed he’d assaulted her on a yacht in Miami in December 2020.

In 2018, a different woman sued Brown for allegedly assaulting her in a party at his home.

In 2017, his ex Karrueche Tran was granted a five-year restraining order against him after he allegedly sent her threatening voice messages and texts because she wouldn’t return money and gifts he gave her when they were dating.

Let’s also not forget that he “jumped” Frank Ocean over a parking spot in 2013. Brown punched Ocean while his mates called him homophobic slurs.

And on top of all that, he’s also just not really been a nice guy, has he? Earlier this year, Brown was criticised after he went on a hateful rant about Robert Glasper who won Best R&B Album for Black Radio III at the Grammys over him.

And of course, there’s his assault of Rihanna, the descriptions of which are absolutely heinous.

Pop off Selena, I’m glad not everyone is celebrating this guy.

Oh, and he didn’t win BTW. The award went to SZA for “Shirt”.

Between this and Megan Thee Stallion‘s tiff with Justin Timberlake, the girlies are really on one today. We love to see it.

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