Sadie Sink Deserved An Emmy Nomination For Her Performance In Stranger Things You Fkn Cowards

Sadie Sink snubbed for performance as Max Mayfield for Emmys

The Emmy nominations for 2022 are out and unsurprisingly Stranger Things season four volume one received a whopping 13 of them. Yet somehow not a single one of these was for Sadie Sink‘s incredible performance as the tormented Max Mayfield. We were ROBBED.

The cultural impact of Sadie Sink’s performance in Stranger Things season four was unmatched by any of the other cast in subsequent episodes, in my opinion, and fans were convinced it would guarantee her an Emmy nomination.

In the iconic scene, set to an orchestral rendition of Kate Bush‘s “Running Up That Hill”, Sadie played an emotionally closed-off Max who had to confront her demons, overcome her trust issues and escape the clutches of Vecna.

Her desperation was so intense it felt tangible and both fans and critics alike predicted an Emmy nom for the incredible performance.

But apparently, voters didn’t think so.

While the show did received a nomination for Outstanding Casting for a Drama Series, Sadie Sink wasn’t singled out — and neither was anyone else on the cast.

Needless to say, fans are not happy.

“Dear Billy”, the episode Sink shined in, earned nominations for Outstanding Single-Camera Picture Editing for a Drama Series, Outstanding Prosthetic Makeup, Outstanding Music Supervision, and Outstanding Stunt Performance.

Where is *her* recognition, you cowards???

And what about Millie Bobby Brown, who was also recognised by fans for a standout performance?

The Stranger Things cast weren’t the only people snubbed at the Emmys, either.

Selena Gomez was nominated as a producer for Only Murders In The Building but ignored for her performance as part of the lead cast. Shockingly, her two co-stars were nominated and she wasn’t.

Sure Martin Short and Steve Martin are great but the show would be insubstantial without Gomez. Her vulnerable performance as dry, sarcastic, thoughtful Mabel gives the series depth it needs to be elevated from just another comedy.

“We’re dismayed that Selena was not nominated because she’s so crucial to our performances, really,” Martin told The New York Times.

Jacob Elordi was also snubbed for his performance in Euphoria, as well as Mandy Moore for This Is Us.

Other snubs included Mackenzie Davis for Station Eleven, Sarah Goldberg for Barry and the entirety of Yellowstone.

Emmys, what on earth are you doing??