A certain kiss in the second season of Stranger Things is under fire because of the way it came about – and this is your warning now that this post contains spoilers.

In the final episode, Max (Sadie Sink) and Lucas (Caleb McLaughlin) share a kiss at the Hawkins Middle School Snow Ball. It’s a cute, sweet little moment that cements their relationship as something ~more~ than friendship.

But Stranger Things creators the Duffer brothers are now facing backlash after the behind-the-scenes story of that kiss came out.

In the after show, Beyond Stranger Things 2, Sadie revealed that the kiss was never in the script, and was only added in after the Duffer brothers realised how uncomfortable it made her.

“It was not written in the script. The kiss was not written in the script,” she said. “I get there the first day of filming the Snow Ball, me and Noah [Schnapp] are walking in, seeing the decorations and stuff. One of you – I think it was you, Ross – was like, ‘Oh Sadie, you ready for the kiss?’ I’m like, ‘What? Nope! That’s not in the script. That’s not happening.’ And so the whole day I was stressed out.”

“You reacted so strongly to this. I was just joking,” replied Ross Duffer. “And you were so freaked out I was like oh, well, I gotta make you do it now. That’s what happened. That’s why it’s your fault.”

Their exchange was utterly light-hearted, but the idea that the kiss was added purely because it made her so uncomfortable – and that the Duffer brothers found this amusing – is raising concerns.

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Neither the Duffer brothers or Sadie Sink herself have commented on the backlash, but we’ll keep you updated as and when.