Apparently A Bunch Of Celebs Had Shitty Seats At The VMAs And They Weren’t Fkn Happy At All

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The MTV VMAs are done for another year which means the celeb tea from the night is perfectly steeped and ready for sipping. This particular serving of goss comes from an anonymous source who was at the event and told Deuxmoi about a bunch of celebs who were a bit miffed they didn’t get good seats.

The gossip oracle shared a lengthy message from the source who said the layout of the stage was so weird it meant that only “maybe 60 celebrities” were able to fit on either side of the setup. That meant a heap of notable faces were funnelled into the sides of the crowd with all the fans. I’m sure you can imagine how that went for them.

deuxmoi mtv vmas gossip celebrities
[Image: Instagram / @deuxmoi]
Apparently “C list and below” including Teen Wolf star Colton HaynesSNL‘s Chloe FinemanRHONJ‘s Joe and Melissa Gorga and Dolores Catania (who didn’t talk to each other), Catfish host Nev Schulman were among the shafted stars made to mix in with the plebs.

Though the source claims everyone in those areas were more than happy to take photos with anyone who asked, some of them “looked annoyed to be there” instead of in the front row or in seats where they could be easily seen on camera.

The Anon Pls source claimed the crowd also contained several people from the U.S. version of The Bachelorette and a bunch of unnamed TikTok stars. If there’s anyone that’s going to be pissed they’ve been relegated to the cheap seats, we can all pretty much assume it’s going to be them.

Another follower sent a bunch of photos of the celebs who were sitting with the public which confirmed that yet, Haynes, Fineman and the Gorgas were very much put in the stands with everyone else.

deuxmoi mtv vmas gossip celebrities
[Image: Instagram / @deuxmoi]
The goss mongerer also confirmed that Yung Gravy (AKA Matthew Raymond Hauri) and Sheri Nicole Easterling (AKA Addison Rae‘s mum) were “getting cozy all night”. I honestly can’t tell if they’re legit or he’s just really going hard on the “I love MILFs” thing but either way, good on ’em I guess.

While we wait for the VMAs celeb afterparty tea — it always comes out eventually — we have a morsel of goss from Lil Nas X. The rapper took it upon himself to admit he hooned so hard he didn’t realise he’d won three (!!!) awards until the next day.

At least someone’s honest enough to beat the gossip traders to the punch.