Self-Professed ‘MILF Lover’ Yung Gravy Hard Launched His Relo With Addison Rae’s Mum At The VMAs

Yung Gravy and Sheri Nicole Easterling attend the 2022 MTV VMAs, both wearing purples

In the most TikTok news to ever grace God’s green earth, Yung Gravy hard launched his relationship with Addison Rae‘s mum Sheri Nicole Easterling at the 2022 MTV VMAs.

I’ve been dry retching ever since I saw them pashing in their matching lavender fits on the red carpet.

Yung Gravy revealed how he met Easterling during a pre-show interview with MTV’s Nessa Diab.

“We met online, yeah. We connected right away. I’m from the furtherest north it gets, she’s from the furtherest south it gets,” he said.

“I’m into MILFs and she’s kind of the queen of MILFs, so I figured it was just a perfect match.”

Jesus fucking wept. I’m screaming, crying and throwing up. I’m gagging in a bad way.

In terms of how they met online, Easterling uploaded this random-ass TikTok on 15 July implying she wanted to go on a date with Mr Gravy, and later that day he stitched it and said: “Oh, it’s on sight baybeeeeee.” When you listen to the vid, you’ll understand why I wrote “baby” like that.

Then on 22 July, Easterling stitched one of Yung Gravy’s vids in which he announced to “every MILF who can read” that he was back in America and “looking to butter the biscuit”. The vid she uploaded was of her posing with butter… and biscuits.

Their little TikTok romance continued when a week or so later, Gravy made another TikTok about taking her out on a date, asking her to name a time and place. For the love of God just fucking message each other privately, you horny freaks.

In a BFFs podcast that premiered on 4 August, Yung Gravy told hosts Dave PortnoyJosh Richards and Bri Chickenfry that Easterling was the one who got the ball rolling.

“She basically showed some love and DM’d me at one point. I’m a MILF guy and she’s the MILF,” he said.

“I did some research and was like, ‘you know what, let’s get it’ and now we’re just being cute and sending little wholesome DMs.”

Yung Gravy also went into graphic detail about how he’s fucking obsessed with older women and loves MILFs.

@andylawter I was so caught off guard when i saw @yunggravy and @sherinicolee making out during Nickk Minaj’s speech but go off👏🏼#vma #PartyWithVMAs ♬ what the fuck was that – champagnemami

Before anyone pipes up with “urrhuuurrr who are these people?” this article is not for you. But if you really must know, Yung Gravy — born Matthew Hauri — is a dogshit rapper who became famous when his song ‘Mr Clean’ started doing numbers on SoundCloud.

Rae is a TikToker who makes big bucks on the app for doing little dances, putting on her makeup and simply existing. Essentially, she scores approximately AUD$94,107 (USD$65,194) per post for living my dream.

Easterling is Rae’s mum and is also ‘yuge on TikTok. Like mother, like daughter. Good on them IMO.

And now they’re all one big happy family! Speaking of family, Rae’s dad Monty Lopez beefed with Yung Gravy on TikTok. In August he uploaded a wild vid of him flexing and dissing Mr SoundCloud Rapper for not agreeing to a boxing match with him.

Lopez and Easterling separated this year and TBH it’s unclear when it happened exactly. But shit started going down in June when rumours started floating around that he was cheating on her.

Then in July, a 25-year-old model called Renée Ash told PageSix that Lopez — who is 46-years-old — allegedly “misled” her into having an affair. That same month, fans noticed Easterling added the phrase “single mom” to her Instagram and TikTok bios.

The entire situation is, as they say, “très messy”.