A Source Says Yung Gravy & Addison Rae’s Mum Are ‘Viral Bait’ & In Other News, Water Is Wet

In devastating news for people who love fake relationships, a source close to Yung Gravy reckons his romance with Addison Rae‘s mum Sheri Nicole Easterling is all a big PR stunt.

Waiting with bated breath for the source to deliver the earth-shattering news that the sky is blue.

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The source spilled the tea to Page Six, telling the gossip mavens the romance was nothing more than “viral bait”.

“It’s a PR relationship. It’s kissing, but it’s not real,” they said.

Once again, as a wise viral TikTok sound once said: “What on Earth is going on in the House of Commons?”

The wise oracle then said they believed Mr Gravy does not, in fact, like MILFs. I hope this revelation garnered the same reaction Princess Fiona’s parents had when her and Shrek stepped out of the onion coach once they arrived at Far Far Away.

The source said the rapper usually goes for “young fucking blonde girls like Tana Mongeau“, which is a weirdly aggressive way of putting it IMO.

They added: “I don’t think he’s just lusting after older ladies in real life. That’s just [not] real.”

I can’t believe a man who willingly calls himself “Yung Gravy” would pull the wool over our eyes like this. Consider me hoodwinked.

The source, who clearly hates Yung Gravy and has no issue in torching whatever friendship they share, then alleged the bloke was chatting to a 25-year-old friend of theirs on Instagram. Not my circus, not my monkeys.

But what this mysterious person said next genuinely catapulted me into orbit. I honestly believe I took flight, and the only reason I came back down to Earth was so I could share the news with you, PEDESTRIAN.TV’s dear readers.

Before I dive into it, however, I must deliver a quick history lesson. As we know, Easterling and her husband Mario Lopez separated at some point in mid-2022 because he was allegedly having an affair with a 25-year-old model called Renée Ash.

Like her daughter Addison Rae, Easterling is also on TikTok so I think it’s fair to say she’s up with the times and knows how to get down and funky.

I mean that sincerely and not with a hint of malice; she just strikes me as a woman who can navigate a goofy Instagram filter without asking for assistance from her children. She abides by the core tenants of hot girl summer and has a group chat with her friends called “The Sexy Champagne Ladies”.

So with all this in mind and without further ado, I present the most chaotic sentence I have ever read with my own two eyes.

The source said Easterling “is going to find the hottest young boy — and it would be Pete Davidson if she could have landed him but the best case scenario is Yung Gravy.”

Let’s unpack this one.

Why is the implication that Pete Davidson and Yung Gravy are the only two suitors in the entire world who fall under the “hottest young boy” category? Why are they acting like snagging Davidson is a difficult, nay impossible conquest, like he’s Bigfoot? How is the “best case scenario” ever a former SoundCloud rapper?

Now, I fully support Easterling living her best life. She deserves the chance to go hog wild, especially seeing as her former husband was allegedly bumping uglies with women more than 20 years his junior, and is currently threatening to fight Yung Gravy on TikTok.

Sir Gravy and I are apparently on the same wavelength, as he defended Easterling on Twitter against the hate she was copping following the couple’s PDA-heavy VMAs red carpet appearance.

But you still cannot tell me that the entire relationship isn’t ridonkulously bizarre. From Easterling uploading a TikTok implying she wanted Yung Gravy to butter her biscuit to the rapper making a TikTok about taking her on a date, the whole situation seems forced and calculated.

It’s also playing out far too heavily in the public eye for it to be a genuine thing. As we all know, horny etiquette 101 is sliding into your crush’s DMs, not announcing you want to suck and fuck each other’s brains out on TikTok.