It Looks Like Ariel Fulmer Has Followed Yung Gravy On IG & I Wonder If They’ll Give It A… Try

Yung Gravy at MTV Music Awards 2022 biting his lip and Ariel Fulemr leaning against white wall in black t-shirt smirking

For those of you deeply invested in Yung Gravy‘s horny escapades, it looks like Ariel Fulmer has followed him on Instagram. Yes, we are talking about the same Ariel who’s married to former Try Guy and philanderer Ned Fulmer, who has publicly admitted to having a “consensual workplace relationship” with his coworker Alex Herring.

Yung Gravy announced the bonkers update in this truly gripping saga on TikTok, with the self-professed “MILF lover” doing celebratory fist bumps in front of a screenshot of Ariel’s Instagram profile.

@yunggravy(:♬ C’est La Vie – Yung Gravy & bbno$ & Rich Brian

Internet sleuths have been shipping Yung Gravy and Ariel for a hot minute but previously, she didn’t follow him back on Instagram.

I say “follow back” because Sir Gravy was following Ariel — but judging by the blue “follow back” button in the screenshot, it would appear he then unfollowed her, possibly as some sort of flex for the video. I consider myself to be quite an intuitive person but I honestly can’t inhabit the mental space of that man, so I’m not even going to try and understand his actions.

The timeline is a bit unclear, but it looked like Yung Gravy initially followed Ariel in late September, around when Twitter user Kailyn aka @chattypoope made a fantastic gag on the app about the dynamic duo.

“I really hope this Ned Fulmer scandal ends with Ariel hooking up with Yung Gravy that would be the ultimate pop culture bingo card bs,” they wrote.

A day later, fellow Twitter user nootella aka @pkthunkder replied to the OG tweet with a screenshot showing that Gravy had followed Ariel on Instagram.

It’s definitely a bit of a chicken and the egg situation in terms of whether Kailyn’s original tweet or the follow happened first, but the timing is intriguing. My tin foil hat is firmly on.

The news also reached TikTok around the same time, and people were chomping at the bloody bit for it.

TikToker @bigmak_ posted a screen recording of them perusing who Yung Gravy followed on Instagram only to find, you guessed it, Ariel.

@bigmak_ Replying to @aphmaucosplay wait now i want nothing more than this #ariel #arielfulmer #ned #nedfulmer #tryguys #thetryguys #arielandned #yunggravy #fyp ♬ What on earth is going on in the house of commons – ItsZKRM

“I can’t wait,” one person commented.

“I wanna see Eugene ship this,” said another.

“Ned is screaming and crying and throwing up right now,” commented a third.

My favourite comment by far, however, was this one: “Upgrades ppl! Upgrades!!!”

While I have the opposite of a parasocial relationship with Yung Gravy and harbour, quite literally, zero opinions about his life and career, he is undeniably a step up from goddamn Ned.

Any man who willingly posted this “poolside thirst trap” on Instagram is the walking embodiment of an ick, I’m sorry to say.

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The whole thing is probably a bit but if they do canoodle in the future, I hope it’s not weird and gross and is actually just kind of wholesome because the poor woman has been through a lot. Justice for Ariel.