The Try Guys Are Imploding Thanks To A Messy Cheating Scandal: Here’s The Full Timeline

try guys cheating scandal

The Try Guys, AKA those four dudes who carried you through high school, have kicked Ned Fulmer from the group and will no longer be working with him. Why? Because he cheated on his wife with one of the producers of the show. Buckle up folks, it’s gonna be a wild ride.

In case you weren’t aware, The Try Guys is a former Buzzfeed series (which began in 2014) starring four guys: Keith Habersberger Zach Kornfield, Eugene Lee Yang and Ned Fulmer. Together the guys would, well, try things.

The series became such a hit on Buzzfeed that the boys took it and ran with it, becoming independent from the monolith media company in 2018. Away from Buzzfeed, they amassed more than 8 million subscribers by trying a whole smorgasbord of things, so clearly it’s something the people love to see. I personally cannot get through 50 minutes of men eating as much as they can at a Vegas buffet, but I won’t yuck your yum!

Ned Fulmer had somewhat of a reputation in the group as the “Wife Guy”, constantly talking about his partner Ariel Fulmer, with whom he shares two children.

Here’s how the internet discovered Ned Fulmer was secretly cheating on his wife, resulting in the complete obliteration of his career in The Try Guys:

It all started with some eagle-eyed fans noticing that Ned Fulmer wasn’t being featured in a few of The Try guys’ new videos.

He had also been edited out of their intro, which is definitely enough to make some people’s eyebrows rise.

Fans then noticed that Ned and the show’s producer Alex Herring appeared in a BTS photo from an episode shot in Las Vegas (in which neither of them appeared).

Photos then leaked on Reddit of Alex (who has a fiancé) and Ned making out at Niagara in New York City.

Speculation ran rampant about Ned’s extramarital affair, but that’s all it was for quite a bit of time.

That is until The Try Guys announced Ned Fulmer would no longer be working with them after a “thorough internal review”.

Ned himself then released the same statement all married straight men release once they get caught cheating: some sad notes apology saying they’ll now be focusing all attention on their wife and family.

We’ve been seeing a lot of married men decide to cheat on their wives recently. I mean just look at Adam Levine, John Mulaney and Emily Ratajkowski‘s husband, to name a few.

Honestly, when will straight men learn how to respect their wives?

Ned’s wife, who is also on a podcast with the other wives from The Try Guys called You Can Sit With Us, was noticeably absent from recent episodes.

She eventually released a statement about her husband’s cheating.

And that’s everything that’s gone down so far. It’s wild to see the people we’ve grown up with becoming scummy adults.

But hey, it just goes to show that no matter how “nice” and “innocent” a “Wife Guy” presents himself to be, that doesn’t make him incapable of gross behaviour.

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