Everyone Roasted Schapelle Corby’s TV Debut On SAS Australia Until They Realised She’s A Gun

Let’s be honest: the only reason any of us were watching SAS Australia was to get our regular dose of Schapelle Corby antics. Luckily for us, she served up (and just plain served) big time.

Sure there was Ali OetjenNick “Honey Badger” Cummins and James Magnussen in among the semi-forgotten celebs chosen to participate in SAS Australia, but it was our obsession with former prison inmate Schapelle Corby that stole the whole damn show.

They even gave Corby her own segment at the very end.

From the very beginning, people were roasting Corby for being, well, her normal self.

Her presence almost felt out of place. Why the fuck is a former Balinese prison inmate suddenly on a show with celebs going through SAS-style training exercises?!


But very quickly, Corby proved why she was there.

Say what you will about the feet fanatic, but she definitely demonstrated that she had the kind of fortitude and grit that comes with being locked up abroad for nine years.

So far, she’s already outlasted Roxy Jacenko, who called it quits after just six hours.


Chief Instructor Ant Middleton and the Directing Staff thought the same thing, apparently.

That’s why they invited Corby to the series’ very first DS interrogation, which was lowkey more compelling than any of the proper interviews she’s given she left prison back in 2014.


Tune in tomorrow night to see Schapelle Corby scale some kind of waterfall, for some reason.

None of this makes any sense, but neither does our fascination with Schapelle.