We’re already up to episode two of The Schapelle Show SAS Australia and our beloved dark horse, Miss Schapelle Corby, has turned out to be not quite the trooper we thought she was.

After being made to run up and down a hill because actor Firass Dirani kept talking back to Chief Instructor Ant Middleton and his Directing Staff, Corby showed she wasn’t able to physically keep up with the rest of the celebs.

Lagging at the back of the pack from the very start of that grueling run, Corby ended up uttering “VW” – Voluntary Withdrawal. She handed in her numbered armband and then fucked off back home, presumably.

After everyone had joined Team Schapelle in episode one, seeing her VW so soon was a massive blow.

Honestly… it’s weird feeling sorry that Schapelle Corby is gone. It just goes to show how much she changed everyone’s minds in just one-and-a-half episodes.

Schapelle Corby stans are a thing now, and this writer is lowkey one of them.

And because it was Dirani’s fault that Corby and the others even had to do the exercise in the first place, plenty of people understandably had the shits with him for being responsible for Corby’s demise.

Side note: Dirani was also indirectly responsible for Roxy Jacenko‘s VW but like… who cares.

Anyway, whether or not SAS Australia is still worth watching now that our unlikely prison-hardened Queen Schapelle Corby is gone remains to be seen.

Catch ya next episode, just to be safe.

Image: Seven