Schapelle Corby Falls Out Of A Helicopter In The Very Random Trailer For Ch7’s SAS Australia

Schapelle Corby Falls Out Of A Helicopter In The Very Random Trailer For Ch7's SAS Australia

Channel 7 has dropped the trailer for its random new TV show SAS Australia, in which a bunch of Aussie personalities, athletes, and actors gather ’round to see if they have what it takes to join the special forces.

The show follows 14 Aussie celebrities who try and overcome the intensive SAS selection process, which is pretty much this very hard test that special forces hopefuls do.

Over two weeks, an elite group of ex-special forces soldiers – led by chief instructor Ant Middleton – put the poor buggers through a bunch of physical and psychological tests, each from the real SAS selection process, for your entertainment.

Celebrities include convicted drug smuggler Schapelle Corby, comedian Merrick Watts, retired ironwoman Candice Warner, former Bachie bloke Nick Cummins AKA the Honey Badger, and media personality Roxy Jacenko.

Things look rather intense in the trailer. Of note: Corby just falls backwards out of a helicopter.

Far cry from The Bachelor, tell ya what.

For what it’s worth, Corby apparently left the show in its very early stages because she found it far too physically demanding.

A source close to production told the Herald Sun that Schapelle “couldn’t keep up with the fitness” of it all.

The source added that Jacenko also left the show after becoming sick of the lack of modern ammenities on set. Hate to see it.

Other contestants include model Erin McNaught, former Bachelorette Ali Oetjen, retired Olympic swimmer James Magnussen, actor Firass Dirani (House HusbandsUnderbelly: The Golden Mile) retired cricketer Mitchell Johnson, and personal trainer Shannon Ponton (The Biggest Loser).

SAS Australia premieres next month on Channel 7.