Schapelle Corby Is Rumoured To Be On Dancing With The Stars & Our Queen Deserves Nothing Less

Schapelle Corby Dancing With The Stars

Schapelle Corby keeps on going from strength to strength, if the new rumours about her being in the upcoming season of Dancing With The Stars are to be believed.

TV Tonight reports that Corby will be a wildcard in the next season, which is apparently supposed to feature a bunch of past faves as well as newcomers.

The new reality TV gig is hot off the tail of her stint last year on SAS Australia, in which she managed to squeeze an entire redemption arc into just two episodes. It was pure, unfettered queen shit.

Anyway, this is great news for our beloved convicted drug smuggler-turned-clockmaker (epoxy resin is her medium of choice). It’s also great news for us, the views stans.

We know she already has the requisite skillset to compete with the best of them: flexibility from that weird foot-handshake thing she’s obsessed with, an ability to work the cameras from her time on SAS, and fortitude from the nine years she spent a Balinese prison.

Hopefully this new opportunity will solidify Schapelle Corby’s status as an iconic Aussie queen worthy of an entire penthouse (rent-free!) in our collective consciousness.

So far, we know that she’ll be joined by radio host Fifi Box, TV presenter Tom Williams and Home and Away actor Ada Nicodemou.

There are also rumours of other showbiz types joining the cast, including Lincoln Lewis, Bec Hewitt, Renee Bargh and Luke Jacobz.

So far, so good, judging by those rumours. Although tbh, literally anyone would be better than the time Pauline Hanson went on the show and came in SECOND PLACE.

We’re rooting for ya this time around, Schapelle.