Schapelle Corby Torched Sam Armytage During A Very Testy Interview On Sunrise This Morning

schapelle corby

Schapelle Corby has shut down Sam Armytage in a Sunrise interview promoting her new show SAS Australia.

Corby, who spent nine years in prison in Bali for smuggling marijuana, is one of the contestants on the new reality show, which will see the likes of Roxy Jacenko and Nick Cummins put to the test both physically and mentally.

In an interview with Armytage and Kochie, Schapelle was asked what she has to say to anyone who is surprised she’s appearing on a reality TV show. Obviously, she could’ve told them all to get stuffed and let her live her own life because she has well and truly done her time. But instead, she took the high road and shut down the question, saying she is simply doing it for herself.

“Nothing, it’s all about my own self. I did this for myself,” she said.

I, and I simply cannot stress this enough, love this for her.

She’s spent nine years in prison in some really terrible conditions, Australian media did her *so* dirty,  and now she’s just trying to live her life in Australia. Let her live.

It’d be a different story if she was the next Real Housewife or something, but this is a show about proving your physical and mental strength, and if she wants to give it a crack, good on her. Unlike the Real Housewives, this show isn’t just a big ol’ drama fest, it’s just about testing your own strength.

“I don’t care what people think of me. I hope people enjoy it, but this is for me. I’m doing this so I know I’m in control of my mind,” she told Daily Mail back in August.

Throughout the interview, she discussed how she was in a pretty bad place before the show, but proving her mental strength has allowed her to enjoy life a little more since filming wrapped. And honestly, I think she deserves that.

Sure, she’s probably not somebody we should call a role model to young kids, but she’s been through a living hell and she should be allowed to live a normal, happy and healthy life now that she’s out of prison.

As she told Kochie and Sam, she’s really just out here living her life and dedicating her time to making epoxy resin clocks. CLOCKS! She’s not trying to join the Real Housewives or anything, she just wants to make some clocks and live her damn life.

Considering everything she’s been through, Schapelle handled the whole interview with so much poise and it’s disappointing that Sam and Kochie tried to focus on her past, rather than the future she’s trying to build for herself.

SAS Australia premieres on Monday October 19 on Channel 7.