The Royal Family’s Christmas Card Photoshop Fail Is So Bad, Even The Kardashians Would Cringe

The term ‘photoshop fail’ is usually synonymous with the Kardashian clan but today, it’s being used to describe a probable blunder by the Royal Family. Rather fitting given that the Kardashians are my royal family.

Prince William and Kate Middleton sent out a Chrissy card pic with their kiddos Prince George, 10, Princess Charlotte, 8, and Prince Louis, 5.

Have a geeze below:

Gorgeous fam! (Credit: Getty)

Nice-looking pic, right? Everyone’s all present and accounted for, including every body part?

Guess again.

Punters quickly noticed that the youngest of the fam, lil Prince Louis, appears to be missing a finger.


So is he actually missing a finger IRL or is it a giant, Kardashian-sized photoshop fail?

There are no recorded reports of Prince Louis having lost a finger, so I’m guessing it’s the latter.

Punters have taken to social media to poke fun at the bizarre photoshop fuck-up.

Seriously, HOW did the entire might and resources of the Royal Family miss this???

“Who is the terrible photographer from Wales? Prince Louis is missing a finger in the photo,” one person tweeted.

“Prince Louis finger is missing, also they have photoshopped someone else’s leg onto his. I certainly hope taxpayers didn’t pay for it,” tweeted another fan.

“Ok and also is Prince Louis missing a finger? What in the AI is going on?” wrote a third.

“Are Prince William children even real or are they fake? Why does Louis not have a finger and look at Louis leg both legs don’t look similar,” noted another Twitter user.

While another person joked: “Did William and Kate rent a child? What’s happening? I’m trying to find out. Did they just photoshop the entire picture? I need answers.”

I actually think that third commenter is onto something there… I would not be surprised if the Royals have resorted to AI for their photoshoots at this point.

But the least they could’ve done is comb the pic for errors beforehand and made sure everyone has 10 fingers each before hitting send.

Good grief! Thank heavens Queen Liz isn’t here to see this one.