The Kardashian Chrissy Pics Are In & Whoever Was In Charge Of Photoshop Really Fkd It This Time

It’s not the holidays without a Kim Kardashian photoshop fail and whataya know, our queen has pulled through with an absolute doozy!

ICYMI: the famous fam held their annual holiday party just before Chrissy Day, featuring treats, rides and oodles of celebs from Kylie Jenner‘s BF Timothée Chalamet and Kim’s frenemy Paris Hilton.

In one snap from a carousel shared by Kimba herself, the mum-of-four appears to be holding her hands together as she smiles alongside daughter North West.

But her followers are now in a tizzy over what looks like TWO thumbs on one hand, likely caused by dodgy photoshop.

Have a go at it below:

Kim Kardashian photoshop fail

A two-thumbed Kim Kardashian with daughter Northy. (Credit: Instagram / Kim Kardashian)

Kim Kardashian photoshop fail

A closer look, for good measure. (Credit: Instagram / Kim Kardashian)

“It screams AI mishap,” one fan wrote in the comment section.

Why do you have two thumbs in pic four?” another person asked.

“Lol we all know Kim is notorious for editing,” added another.

Whoever does the Kardashians’ photoshop seems to get a lil sloppy over the holidays.

Throwback to the 2018 Kardashian family Khristmas photos (remember back when they did those?), when it appeared like Khloé and Kylie’s feet had been photoshopped?

Have a read of the OG story and take a walk down memory lane (no pun intended).

All the Kardashians wanted for Christmas was a decent photoshop artist and lord, I hope they got one!

And it’s not just our royal family fucking it up this year, the actual royal family also cooked it with their holiday pics!

Earlier this month, Prince William and Kate Middleton sent out a Chrissy card pic with their kiddos Prince George, 10, Princess Charlotte, 8, and Prince Louis, 5.

Punters quickly noticed that the youngest of the fam, lil Prince Louis, appears to be missing a finger — the opposite problem Kim Kardashian had in her snap!

Take a look HERE.

Oh bother!