Kim, Kanye, Chrissy And John Had A Late-Night Breakfast Double Date

In many ways, famous people lead very different lives from regular schmos, but they still go out and hit the piss, and apparently just like us, they still crave junk food to soak it up at the end of a long night.

Thanks to this most basic of human impulses, we now have these two incredible photos, taken at a Waffle House in Arizona on Friday Night, as four well-known individuals embarked on the most important double-date of all time.

Per a report in Uproxx, Kim Kardashian, Kanye West, Chrissy Teigen and John Legend made a pit stop for a delicious late night breakfast on the way home from the 2015 NFL Honours in Phoenix, where these images were captured.

every house should be a waffle house

Ein von @chrissyteigen gepostetes Foto am

We are dead now, because Kanye’s ‘hurry up with my damn waffles’ face killed us, kthxbye.