John Legend Threw A Lavish ‘James Bond’ Party And We’re Shook Not Stirred

A fresh bunch of photos from singer John Legend‘s opulent 40th birthday party have emerged online, and depending on your worldview, they’re either lavish and lit or a compelling case for full Communism.

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Guest Kim Kardashian posted a few shots of the James Bond-themed event on her Twitter account this morning, showcasing the party’s Casino Royale aesthetic.

Kardashian and her husband Kanye West can be seen lounging around a roulette table with longtime mates Legend and his wife Chrissy Teigen. Worth noting: The table is covered in what might actually be legal tender. It’s a lot to take in.

via Kim Kardashian / Twitter
via Kim Kardashian / Twitter
via Kim Kardashian / Twitter
via Kim Kardashian / Twitter

Peep that last photo for a moment, and fully internalise how chuffed Kanye appears to be there. Stogie-chomping baron Kanye is here for 2019.

Kardashian also posted a sneaky shot of the entrance to the party, featuring a giant Bond-styled ’40’.

via Kim Kardashian / Instagram

Earlier, Teigen asked Twitter for help in finalising the outfit for son Miles, who, admittedly, does bear an adorable resemblance to his father.

Teigen later revealed Miles would wear the white tux to the event. It is unclear how table dealers at the party were able to differentiate Legend from his underage son.

For what it’s worth, the two couples have been close for yonks. In 2016, Legend – who met Kanye back in 2001 when they first worked on music together – was vocal about his concerns over Kanye’s wellbeing, and famously popped up in some tough-love text messages to the rapper last year. 

Kardashian also threw a surprise baby shower for Teigen early last year. It’s unclear if that party included high-stakes gambling, but we’re not prepared to rule it out.