Jameela Jamil Criticises “Poor” Khloé Kardashian Over New Weight Loss Post

The Good Place star Jameela Jamil has once again taken aim at the Kardashian family and their obsession with losing weight, this time setting her sights on new mum Khloé Kardashian.

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It all started when Koko shared a quote to her Instagram Story that read:

 “2 Things a Girl Wants: 1) Lose Weight. 2) Eat.”

Jamil posted a screenshot of the Story on Twitter, writing that the Keeping Up With The Kardashians star made her “sad” for desperately craving to be skinny and expressed her wish that her daughter does not grow up to share such desires.

“This makes me sad,” she wrote. “I hope my daughter grows up wanting more than this. I want more than this. Sending love to this poor woman. This industry did this to her. The media did it to her. They fat shamed her into a prison of self critique. Dear girls, WANT MORE THAN THIS.”


Jamil’s comment follows her attack on Kim Kardashian for endorsing detox products.

The actor denounced a post made by Kimba which promoted “appetite suppressant” lollipops from Flat Tummy Co. 

“No. Fuck off. No. You terrible toxic influence on young girls,” she wrote on Twitter in May of last year.


Jamil criticised weight loss brand Flat Tummy Co for perpetuating the “RIDICULOUS shame women are made to feel when they indulge on days like Thanksgiving.”

She continued: “I hate this company and it’s poisonous rhetoric that is only marketed to young girls.” 

You can read her full statement, which was in response to a Flat Tummy Co product promoted by one Khloé Kardashian, below.