Kanye West Tweets Messages From Old Mate John Legend Asking Him To Chill

Kanye West’s recent statements on US President Donald Trump and the importance of free thought have been met with concern by mate John Legend, and in a twist that could only occur in stories involving two uber-successful musicians, Legend somehow came out of the frank discussion with plug for his new track.

After Kanye spent much of yesterday barracking for Trump’s egomaniacal way of thinking and his unique “dragon energy,” frequent collaborator Legend shot the rapper a text asking him to reconsider his stance.

In it, Legend asked Kanye to consider his fans, many of whom have been directly impacted by the policies and rhetoric espoused by Trump.

We know this because Kanye posted a screenshot of the exchange, which includes his claim that bringing up the opinions of fans “is a tactic based on fear to manipulate my free thought.”


In response, Legend asked his frequent collaborator to think freely, but “with empathy and context too.” And, after being made aware of Kanye’s screenshots, he also added a cheeky note about his new track.


And amid all of this drama, Legend’s wife Chrissy Teigen reached out to Kanye’s other half Kim Kardashian to confirm if they’re still on for dinner for Friday.

As you peruse Kanye’s tweets and observe the thoughts kicking around that inimitable brain, feel free to listen to Legend’s new track. After all, it’s potentially the least polarising thing the Kanye endorsed this week.