Kim K, Queen Of Consistency, Has Once Again Been Called Out For Badly Editing A Pic Of Herself

Kim Kardashian in the pool drinking orange wine in big sunglasses and closeup of Photoshop fail in picture

Queen of Photoshop flops Kim Kardashian has once again gone and seemingly edited a photo of herself. Death, taxes and a Kardashian promoting unrealistic beauty standards.

The edit being put under the microscope is from a picture in a gorgeous little photo dump that Kimmy dropped on Instagram to promote her new Beats Fit Pro collection.

Eagle-eyed TikToker Caroline Ross picked up what was wrong in Kardashian’s photo and TBH her sleuthing skills are unparalleled. Get her on The Masked Singer Australia now.

@caroline_in_thecity Nerd out with me and test your media literacy skills! Can you tell what is fake in this image? #medialiteracy #photoshopskillsonfleek #carolinesediting #photoshopgametime #greenscreen #greenscreenvideo ♬ original sound – Caroline In The City

“Kim K is notorious for Photoshopping out her traps,” she said.

“Why? I don’t know, maybe it makes her neck look smaller.”

No, Ross isn’t talking about the horrid little boards designed to catch mice. She’s referring to the trapezius, the ‘yuge trapezoid-shaped muscle that extends over the back of your neck and shoulders.

As we know by now, Photoshop allegations demand receipts and the good sis Ross does not fail in providing them.

“When we zoom in, we can see that the water pattern behind her here has been warped,” she said.

Exhibit A in the Kardashian Photoshop trial. Photo credit: TikTok / @caroline_in_thecity

I swear on my Mum’s life I never would’ve noticed that. My unobservant ass would fail as a witness in the Kardashian Photoshop trial.

Ross then added shit to the stew and started deyassifying the edited picture.

“Using the liquify tool on Photoshop I’m going to show you what it would look like without the Photoshopping applied to it,” she continued.

“As you can see, the water reflection in the background starts to look a lot more natural, as well. You don’t have that warped effect.”

Exhibit B in the Kardashian Photoshop trial. Photo credit: TikTok / @caroline_in_thecity

The wonders of Photoshop genuinely never cease to amaze me. If I’m 26-years-old and staring at my screen completely gooped, I honestly can’t begin to muster how a Victorian child would react.

After Ross had completed her digital surgery, the finished result looked goddamn unrecognisable from the original (and clearly heavily edited) picture. It also looked extremely normal, for that is what trapezius muscles look like.

Exhibit C in the Kardashian Photoshop trial. Photo credit: TikTok / @caroline_in_thecity

But then Ross went the whole hog, as if exposing the unnatural edit wasn’t enough.

“We also have a behind the scenes video from the shoot to compare, as well,” she said.

I’m gagged. Screaming, crying, throwing up. Ross really said “that trapezius is looking a little too goofy for my liking, Kimmy”.

Here’s a screenshot from the BTS vid.

Exhibit D in the Kardashian Photoshop trial. Photo credit: TikTok / @caroline_in_thecity

That muscle do be looking much more natural than it was in the photo that Kardashian uploaded.

I’m so glad unrealistic beauty standards have progressed to scrutinising muscles. Don’t even fucking think of talking to me if your *checks notes* flexor digitorum superficialis muscle is looking like trash.